Simple, sustainable Health at YourBEST™ achieved  through your health system, not just your strategies & goals!

"Solutions" are everywhere offering the next best thing for you to FINALLY...get your health together,...have a body you feel good in &...find confidence in your daily life.

Deep down inside, you REALLY want all of it...

But deeper down, you're not sure it's really even possible. Admit it!...You’ve done "all the things" before & you're still stuck, right?

If you're tired of doing all the things to improve your health, but you're still feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, unmotivated & hopeless...


We have exactly what you need - a new way of doing healthy! It's time to HAAC™ Your BEST™ health with Health Assurance Accountability Coaching


We have been in the health space for over 40 years combined and as doctors or physical therapy, we know how to get everyBODY feeling successful, no matter your circumstances. 

As Master Neuro-Coaches, we know the key to unlocking the power of your thoughts to stop the sabotage and finally make healthy feel SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE and AUTOMATIC.  We created the BEST Method ™ to give your body and brain the ability to BEND, EXTEND, SHIFT and handle life's TWISTS with confidence to keep going no matter what!

We’ve worked with thousands of women to empower them to feel successful in their body, keep going when it feels hard, shift when it’s not working, and modify when life goes sideways. 

It’s a powerful journey we get the honor to walk you through in your health because:

⦿ Everyone needs a coach. Someone who holds you accountable, cheers you on and help you navigate through unpredictable circumstances that in the past threw off your health game completely. 

⦿ You taking ownership of your health changes the trajectory of not only your life, but the legacy you are creating in your family or career path.

⦿ What you think drives what you believe. And how you believe drives the decisions you make. And your decisions lead to the health results you want or don’t want.


⦿ We understand that your health journey and your body is unique. So why should your program be a one-size-fits-all method?

Empowering you to automate your health.

What would happen if:

⦿ You linked arms with someone who understand your unique body & life situation to create a system just for you

⦿ You became crystal clear on WHAT you wanted in your health and WHY it even matters

⦿ Being healthy was simple and no longer felt hard

⦿ You took small daily actions that grew consistently over time.

⦿ You had energy & confidence in your body and used those gifts to impact everyone you interact with each day.

One decision can lead you to consistency and success.

This is the BEST Heath Assurance Accountability Membership that will empower you daily through changing you brain to change your body. You will be on fire each day as we deliver you simple wins you can fit into your busy day to change your thoughts to align with what you want and who you are becoming in order to have sustainable success in your health.


What people are saying:

Healthy no longer feels hard. This is just who I am!

This has not only changed my body, but upleveled my business because I actually feel like I have more time and energy.

Its like a morning devotional for my body!  It sets the tone for my whole day.

I love how simple it feels to be healthy now.

I love how you two bring the science with simplicity to fit into my busy life.  It feels sustainable.

I have managed my chronic pain and am able to do things I never thought I could!

Imagine your success when…

⦿ You have access to experts in body and brain science to walk you through the road blocks

You can collaborate with other women and realized you’re not alone.

⦿ You are lit on fire each morning with a daily encouraging text that helps set the stage for your day.

⦿ You have access to a library of exercises created with purpose to move & feel successful in your body with permission to modify and shift to your unique body.

⦿ You are in control of your thoughts that have held you back in your health in the past

We are committed to seeing you succeed in your health and equip you with the mindset and systems to achieve it for good.  When challenges come your way, we'll be here to help bring out your BEST™ through them.

You weren’t meant to struggle in your body alone.

Limitless Membership includes:

  • Daily Text Message that empowers & fuels you to take action Monday-Friday including motivation, life-health hacks and exercises that fit into your day.
  • Access to Feel Alive in Five, our 5-minute workout flows that you can build strength, manage stress & feel successful no matter what.  Access to 3D Fusion BEST that will give you quick answers to challenges or quick exercises when you don't have time.
  • Brain-Based Coaching that shifts your mindset so you can find freedom and end the start-stop cycle in your health
  • 2 Monthly LIVE Zoom Coaching calls that you can submit questions on challenges you face to walk you through the blocks, guide you how to combat the thoughts in order to get your health automatic.  Replays when you can't make it LIVE.
  • Nourish Food Guide to help you simplify and find freedom in the way you eat.
  • BONUS:  3D Fusion Core Mini Course so you start working your core effectively & efficiently to manage back pain or lift stronger.
  • BONUS #2 3D Fusion Core packed with dozens of core workouts focused on functioning for the long haul.

Begin Your Journey in The Limitless Membership Community Today!

This is Not For the Person Who:


  • Is willing to push her body at all costs
  • Allows fear and discomfort to hold them back
  • Wants to keep trying it alone
  • Isn’t willing to trust the process that health is a journey
  • Wants a quick fix and instant results
  • Believes mindset has nothing to do with their health
  • Doesn’t want to look at how health incorporates into all aspects of their life

This is For the Person Who:

  • Has tried it all to get results in her body
  • Is tired of being told what to do, but not how to fit it into her chaotic life
  • Wants to have more energy and be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest
  • Is struggling to stay consistent
  • Knows what to do, just doesn’t do it
  • Battles pain or physical struggles and Doctors have told you to just accept it
  • Wants accountability and support to make health feel easy
  • Has a constantly changing schedule that makes it difficult to get a groove.
  • Feels like this health thing is easy for everyone but them.
Become the woman you were meant to be. Break the frustrating start-stop cycle in health, end overwhelm, allow it to be simple and see how living your BEST™ changes your entire life.  Best part?     
The BEST Method ™ isn't designed for perfection.  It's designed for success, meeting yourself where you are EACH day and building upon your wins.

Hi, we’re Tracy Hill and Jessica Midkiff!

We have helped thousands of women feel successful in their body, meet their goals and given them the pathway to stay consistent and successful no matter what.

We know the Key to YOUR BEST™ health is to Master Your thoughts, teach you how to move your body for life, find wins through small, manageable steps and embrace: BENDY, EXTENDY, SHIFTY, TWIST of not just your body, but your mind, so you can keep moving forward when a roadblock hits.

Our purpose is to give you the pathway to trust the process in your health journey, navigate through the struggles that arise and empower you to have control AND freedom in your health. 

We’ve walked through our own health challenges and life transitions that could easily knock you off course. We know how valuable it is to have health automatic so life’s unexpected challenges don’t spiral you into a screeching halt.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the cost of not taking action?

We’re not here to put fear into you. The truth is, if you wait, you’ll likely be where you are today, tomorrow. And probably a year from now. The choice is yours of where you want to be and how you want to feel..

BUT…If you’re

  • Ready to take your health to a level that brings peace, joy, freedom and BEST success to your life
  • Tired of doing all the things without the results you want
  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed that healthy feels too hard
  • Are ready to SHIFT your mind and get to the root of what holds you back in your body
  • Ready to transform your body and step into a life worth living 

Well, the wait will be painful, slow and frustrating if you keep trying on your own, hoping something sticks.

It’s like having the gas pedal and the brakes on at the same time.

That is why we put together this membership. We want you to have the tools to make healthy something simple and start being who you were meant to be when you feel good in your body.

You have purpose. And your body, your health are worth the investment.

We encourage you today to take a bold action step to commit to yourself and step into something greater through your body.

It’s time to stop waiting and start taking action.

We cannot wait to walk alongside you, map out your unique health path and guide you to align with your greater purpose.

Discover you limitless health.

Don’t waste another minute thinking about it. Take action today to end the frustrating cycle For Good!  It's time to Live, Move and Feel your BEST™ by HAAC-ing your health for good!